Worst Christmas Ever: Family Photo Gone Wrong

Every day in the year comes only once a year

Once the sand is out of the pot into the sea, it is impossible to put it back into it. Time waits for none. It can’t change; anything and nobody can change that. So what is not in your hand is to control time, make it pass slowly, make things quicker by fast forwarding thing, or go back in time and undo what has been already done. The undo option exists only in computers, not in the real life. You’re not very clear on what I am talking about right?

In your power

I am talking about ruining one moment that could have been breathtakingly amazing, but instead you chose to sit and mourn over what you have already done and cannot undo. Imagine this is all the time that you have sat through crying and cribbing over something that is completely out of your control. But what is in your control, your power, is to make use of what is now.

It is the day

buddygiftWhen it’s Christmas, it is the day that you and your children wait for so that you can take the day off, spend the day with them and reconnect with them. Remember that if you and your family lose your cool over the little things, you are losing some very precious time for with your family. On Christmas, we all run back to our families. It is the one time of the year when we want to spend our time with our most loved ones. A part of spending this time with your family includes doing things together that are going to get your family going and get everybody past everything that your family has gone through as a family.

Then again it was my family so my own anticipations regarding the Christmas spirits may have been too high.

Why oh why ! I do not know.

All of this you will understand only if something ridiculous happens; your Christmas is practically ruined.

I am talking about the time when you have taken a perfect Christmas family picture for yourself and the frame breaks into a hundred thousand pieces right in front of your eyes or got robbed a night before Christmas. Well, it is just not a frame it is a frame that your entire family looked up for together and decided upon together to use it for that one picture that your family is going to pose for, at that one time when the family is together in the entire year. It may sound absurd that the frame is a material tangible thing, but in this case, it was the sign of your family being together and their ability to work together and compromise for one another and decide upon a single thing.

We needed a new one and we got it

Yes, that is how much that frame mattered to each one of your family members. We had already decided that this was going to be the worst Christmas that your family has ever had, then we realized that this is not what your family comes together for every year. They come together because they are a part of the family. The frame did break, but that was not the time. A new one was required and could be accordingly bought. Hence, a Christmas saved.